Press Releases

I wrote the press release sent out for Snap Judgement, a storytelling podcast that came to Clowes Hall at the Butler Art Center.

The Deoc Ensemble won a Couples' Choice Award in 2020.

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Magazine Articles

I wrote some articles for the Butler Stories Magazine. Click the images to view the stories!

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Article in The Triangle international publication

I was asked to write about my experience seeing an opera in Italy for the Mu Phi Epsilon Triangle, a publication mailed across the U.S. to all members of Mu Phi.

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Article in The Storyteller museum publication

I wrote an article about The Eiteljorg's upcoming Christmas exhibition, Jingle Rails. The article was also featured on The Eiteljorg Blog. Click on the image to view the full article!

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Click the images to view the blog posts.

I contributed to the Eiteljorg Museum Blog during the summer I interned there. I interviewed Summer Under The Sails artists, Eiteljorg staff, and more to compile my articles.

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I wrote and designed (using Adobe InDesign) the fraternity newsletter for Butler Mu Phi Epsilon chapter for 2017 and 2018. The newsletter was e-mailed out to all alumni and the International Executive Board, and received recognition at the following International Convention.

View the full newsletter:

I wrote and sent out the Eiteljorg Museum Newsletter to all museum staff, members, and patrons using Delivra.

Eiteljorg Newsletter PDF