In Spring of 2018, I had the unbelievably fortunate experience of studying abroad for four months in Milan, Italy. While there, I took music lessons, an intensive Italian course, and a course called "Media, TV, and Communication in Milan." The course included field studies to a TV station, magazine publishing company, and recording studio to gain understanding of local media production. 

Over the course of my time in Italy, I learned conversational Italian language skills by communicating with locals in their native tongue. I had the chance to demonstrate independence and immersion in a new culture through living in downtown Milan and taking classes from Italian teachers. My music classes encouraged teamwork and cooperation in spite of language barriers. Overall, the experience has definitely changed me for the better!

Article in The Triangle international publication

I was asked to write about my experience seeing an opera in Italy for the Mu Phi Epsilon Triangle, a publication mailed across the U.S. to all members of Mu Phi.

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Italian Project Video

Translation: "For almost four months, I have lived in Milan, and it is such a beautiful place! I go to class here at the IES center. Here, I study music and communications. I take viola lessons in this room! Sometimes I like to go to the café down the street for a 'cold latte macchiato.' I love the quick breakfast style and the best place to get a 'brioche' is here in this café! I live Northwest of the city centre, in FieraMilanoCity. There are six other people in my apartment. It is crowded, but we make it work! When I arrived, I was excited to see older buildings. I was surprised at how modern it is, but then I saw the Duomo for the first time. I stared at it in wonder for a good few minutes because it is so amazing. I have been to Venice, Verona, Padova, Bologna, Pavia, Rome, Florence, Amalfi (Capri, Positano, Sorrento), Cremona, Parma, Modena, and Barcelona. I’m glad I mostly stayed in Italy because I really wanted this semester to be an Italian experience and it definitely has been! Obviously, I speak English. I took Spanish for many years. I got to practice my Spanish while in Barcelona! Surprisingly, my Italian is already almost as good as my Spanish. The most interesting thing I’ve done is probably go inside the blue grotto of Amalfi. It is a stunning natural wonder I am so happy I got to see. It's hard to believe I'll be here for only two more weeks. I think what I will miss most is the food! There's nothing like Gnocco Fritto when you're starving. This semester has been amazing and I'll cherish my memories here forever!"

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My music teachers and field studies