Vice President: 2017

Publicity Committee Chair: 2016 - Present

While serving as Vice President in the year 2017, I had to collaboratively administrate Committee and Chapter activities. I also organized recruitment and planned the initiation ceremony and activities for new members. Following Initiation I helped seamlessly integrate new members into Chapter community. Apart from new member recruitment, I helped plan and execute fundraisers and service events. 

As Publicity Committee Chair, I advertise for all Chapter activities and promote on social media. In 2018 I created the flyer used to promote a recital by the Mu Phi Epsilon International Competition Winner, and oversaw the advertisements for said recital. In addition, I maintain email contact with all current members and alumni. I am the newsletter editor, a yearly piece which goes out to all Mu Phi connections that we have. 


Mu Phi Epsilon Kappa Website:

2018 Mu Phi Epsilon Newsletter

I wrote and designed the fraternity newsletter for Butler Mu Phi chapter for 2017 and 2018.

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Event Promotion

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For this event, I had short notice and less than a month to promote. Because it was sponsored by a college organization during the summer, attendance would be even lower due to students being at home and not in town for school. I created the graphic used as the official event flyer, shared by everyone else who organized the musician's presence in town and by everyone else in my organization. I also created the official Facebook event for the recital. I had a budget of only $50 to use in a Facebook promotion, but due to specific targeting and sharing of the event, it was seen my more than double the amount of people that would have seen it without the promotion. Attendance at the recital was fantastic considering the circumstances; a success all-around. From July 18 to August 8, roughly 3,800 classical music fans in the area were made aware of the recital.

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Social Media

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