Digital Marketing and Graphic Design Intern

In Fall 2018, I worked for Butler University as the digital marketing and graphic design intern. I made event pages, wrote press releases, created content for the Butler Stories site, and created designs on an as-needed bases for both print and online publication. I also sent out event announcement emails using Ticketmaster. One of my designs, a poster design for a Butler Wind Ensemble concert (pictured on the right), was highly praised and shared around the campus community, much to my excitement and gratitude!

I am currently a graphic designer for the Butler Student Government Association and The Collegian, Butler's student-run newspaper. Check out some samples of my work below!

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Signage, web templates, print advertisements, brochures, booklets, and more

Snap Judgement Press Release

I wrote the press release sent out for Snap Judgement, a storytelling podcast that came to Clowes Hall.

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Butler Stories Magazine Articles (click on images)

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Ticketmaster Email Client - Announcing Karamo Brown

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Social Media

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Student Government Association Designs

The Collegian Designs